Fast Stats Help

Fast Stats is an interactive tool for quick access to key NAACCR cancer statistics for major cancer sites by age, sex, and race. 

Help Using Fast Stats

  1. Select the way you would like to see the statistics stratified.
    From the Fast Stats home page or the navigation menu on the left of every Fast Stats page, select one of the following views:

    • Cancer Site
    • Race/Ethnicity
    • Sex, Race/Sex
    • Registry
    • Age at Diagnosis/Death
    • Population Standard

    The page you selected will open with controls for selecting variables.

  2. Use the controls to select variables from  the top down.  Don’t make selections out of order as the selections may determine the variables available in another control.  The available controls are:

    • Listboxes – Click on the arrow at the right to open the listbox.  Select one of the choices with your mouse.
    • Radio Buttons – Click the button to select output, a graph, or a table.  Only one button can be selected at a time.
    • Checkboxes – Click on a box to check or uncheck it.  Checked boxes are selected.  Multiple boxes may be checked.

  3. When all your selections have been made click on the Get Data button.  The graph or table will appear at the bottom of the page.

  4. To download your output, select the Download Image link for graphs and the Download Data link for tables.
    Graphs are downloaded as .jpg files, and tables are downloaded as .csv files.

  5. To make changes in the data, scroll to the top of the page to make different selections.