NAACCR Fast Stats

NAACCR Fast Stats is an interactive tool for quick access to key NAACCR and US cancer statistics for major cancer sites by age, sex, race/ethnicity, registry and population standard.

Statistics are presented as graphs and tables.

View Statistics Stratified by...

  • Cancer Site
    Compare statistics for selected cancer sites.
  • Race/Sex
    Compare cancer statistics by both race and sex.
  • Race/Ethnicity
    Compare cancer statistics by race or by the expanded race/ethnicity groupings.
  • Age at Diagnosis
    Compare statistics by age groups for a selected cancer site, race, and sex.
  • Sex
    Compare the differences between male and female cancer statistics.
  • Registry
    Compare statistics by NAACCR registries.

  • Standard Population
    Compare incidence rates using different standard populations.

Suggested software citation: NAACCR Fast Stats: An interactive tool for quick access to key NAACCR cancer statistics. North American Association of Central Cancer Registries. (Accessed on 7-27-2016)